Fighting the Terrorists: Doing Our Part

Bismillah. A lot of us are sickened by what is happening in Gaza. The strong, pro-Israeli US media outlets have done what they do best: they’ve spun the actions of Israel to look like acts of self-defense, and even justifying them as a part of the war on terror. We often feel helpless and disgusted with our helplessness to affect the situation. But there is something that we all can do.

Israel has taken propaganda to a whole new level. They’ve turned Israel’s blatant terrorism against the innocent civilians of Gaza into a heroic mission of freeing the world of Hamas. And they’ve left no stone unturned; they are using the web to spread their propaganda. Check out the Israeli military’s YouTube Channel.Yes, they are posting videos of strikes in Gaza and annotating them with captions to justify their terrorism. This is propaganda at its finest.

Shocked? Check out the Israeli consulate on Twitter! Can you believe this? And yes, they are posting real-time “updates” of this operation. Israel’s propaganda machine puts Hitler’s propaganda machine to shame. How ironic.

So what do we do? We fight back, online. You may think it’s a small thing, but an ocean is built droplet-by-droplet. So here are some things that we should be doing:

Flagging YouTube Videos

Hunt down the videos on the YouTube Channel of the Israeli military and flag the videos as “Violent or Repulsive Content”, or “Hateful or Abusive Content”. By God, its repulsive content at its worst. Some of the videos from the Channel are already taken down.

Joining Digg

Digg – for the uninitiated – as a social networking site. It is oneĀ  of the most popular sources of information for many people. The way it works is simple: when a news item becomes popular, it makes the front page of Digg, gaining maximum exposure. Digg has an algorithm to calculate popularity, but the only way that we can influence the popularity of an item is by digging it.

If you go the front-page of Digg, we hardly find news of the Gaza massacre. We have to dig deep to find news. So, we must make an effort to:

1. Promote all news about the Gaza massacre. Spend a few minutes browsing the World News section of digg, and digg as much of the news items, images, and videos as possible regarding the news of the Gaza massacre.

2. Unpromote all the news items that are irrelevant or propaganda by “burying” it.

3. Digg is big on diversity. So, not all 100+ digg items will make it to the front page. So, to make our digging more effective, spend a few minutes digging items in categories like Sports, Education, etc. Insha Allah, it will not be a waste of time since we want our Diggs to be effective in the Digg algorithm.

Also, please join the Muslim Digg Group on Facebook.

Making Sincere Dua

Never underestimate the power of dua. Please don’t be selfish in your duas. Remeber your brothers and sisters, and ask Allah to grant honour and victory to His Deen.

To conclude, please watch this documentary: The Killing Zone. This should motivate us to fight this war online and also to make dua consistently for our suffering brothers and sisters.

Also note, an excellent article on this topic by Amad of Muslim Matters.

May Allah strengthen us and may He destroy the oppressors, ameen.