Napoleon: A Thug’s Life


Many of us have heard the story of our brother Mutah Beale (formerly Napolean of Tupac Shakur’s famous Outlaws). Now, the Canadian Dawah Association is publishing his story in high quality DVD.

This is one of the most important dawah projects undertaken by the Canadian Dawah Association. A couple of years ago, I wanted to play Mutah’s interview in our main university hall in front of a primarily non-Muslim audience (it didn’t materialize due to logistical issues). I thought that Mutah brought up some outstanding points that relate to University students – both Muslim and non-Muslim.

For example, he greatly emphasized how money, fame and women alone do not bring satisfaction in life. You need that spiritual connection with God that material gains just cannot provide. This coming from someone like Mutah – someone who tasted all the material delights – carries so much weight.

Here’s the amazing trailer for the DVD:

Please support this project and buy the DVD when it comes out. For the University MSAs, consider playing this in a central student location on a projector screen in your universities. Plan an event and make it happen, in sha Allah.