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Q&A: Can I Make Up Sunnah Prayers?



I missed my sunnah prayers because I was in a rush. Can I make them up later on just like we make up the obligatory prayers?


Regular sunnah prayers are a way to Paradise and one of the most beloved actions to Allah [SWT] that we can do. So, it makes a lot of sense that it is preferred to make up the missed sunnah prayers.

According to Umm Salamah [RA], the Prophet [SAWS] prayed two rak’ahs after ‘Asr. He was asked about them and he said:

“O daughter of Abu Umayyah, you asked about the two rak’ahs after ‘Asr. That is because some people from ‘Abd al-Qays came to me and distracted me from the two rak’ahs that come after Zuhr; these are they (i.e., I prayed them just now).”

[Bukhaari and Muslim]

From this, we know that the Prophet [SAWS] would make up his missed sunnah prayers. He was busy with people after Zuhr, so missed his sunnahs but he remembered them and made sure that he completed them whenever he got the chance. This is what we should do too, in sha Allah.

A final point, there is a scholarly difference of opinion on whether we are allowed to pray voluntary prayers between Asr and Maghrib (after Asr salah). Both sides have their proofs, but its safe to say that its best to avoid the conflict and not pray after Asr (even though we know the Prophet [SAWS] did so from the above hadeeth). And Allah [SWT] knows best.

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Q&A: Can I See Her/His Picture?



Is it permissible for someone to show a photograph of a girl (with proper hijab) or a boy to a family for the purpose of marriage? Or is it preferrable to meet up personally?


This issue is intrinsically related to one’s position on photographs (which I’ve already elaborated on in a previous post).

In any case, in my humble opinion it is a very wise move to show a prospective suitor a photo of a girl he is interested in (and vice versa). There is no doubt that looks play a major role in deciding one’s life partner, therefore instead of a prospective couple meeting up and then one of them not liking the way the other looks (which will cause much embarrassment and hurt feelings) it is wiser to show a picture first. If the person wishes to proceed, fine, and if not, then not much damage has been done.

At this stage, I think it is wiser that a sister be wearing hijab in the photo, but as I elaborated in a previous post, it is allowed for her to be w/o hijab in front of prospective suitors.

And Allah knows best…


Source – AlMaghrib Forums

This is a very relevant issue to many brothers and sisters who are trying to get married. So in sha Allah, I hope this answer will help.