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Who Do You Associate With?

Bismillah. A really beautiful explanation of the following ayat from Surah Furqan (25) done by Nouman Ali Khan.


Some points of benefit:

  • The ayah is not just talking about non-Muslims. Its talking about anyone who did dhulm (injustice or oppression). So let’s not get cozy and think it’s not about us.
  • Imagine the overwhelming grief that a person must experience to bite their hands and then not even feel the pain of their flesh being torn away. It gets scarier the more you try to comprehend it.
  • The dhalim in the ayah doesn’t say, “I wish I believed in the Messenger”. He says, “I wish I had taken a path along with the Messenger”, which is subtle. The subtlety is that even those who believe in the Messenger [SAWS] but don’t act according to his sunnah may fall in this situation.
  • The dhalim blames his closest friend/associate from taking him away from the Qur’an. Like Ustadh Nouman mentioned, this can be any thing that we hold dear.
  • The tragedy of it all is that this person had received the Qur’an and then he turned away from it. Imagine the feelings of overwhelming regret and depression that this person must feel. The psychological torture that this person will endure is unimaginable. And the real punishment has not even begun yet!
  • The feelings of regret, sorrow and depression are compounded by someone saying, “I told you so”. Imagine this person being told this…that you were told Shaitan is your enemy. But now that you realize it, it’s too late.
  • All of us want the Prophet’s intercession, but do we think that we can survive the Prophet’s prosecution against those who made hijrah (i.e. deserted) the Qur’an?

Any reflections? Please post any in the comments, in sha Allah.

May Alllah save us from this torturous situation on the day of Judgment, ameen.

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How To Get Rich Quick


“Whosoever intercedes for a good cause, will have the reward thereof; and whosoever intercedes for an evil cause, will have a share in its burden. And Allah is Ever All-Able to do everything.”

“Whoever guides anyone to goodness, his reward shall be the same as those who follow his guidance without lessening a bit of their reward. And whoever guides anyone astray, his sin shall be the same as the sin of the person who follows him without lessening a single bit of their sin.”

[Rasool Allah saws, reported by Muslim]

Supporting a good act = share in the reward
Supporting an evil act = share in the sin
Therefore, support everything good either by your words (encouragement), your actions (helping out), or your wealth (by donating), and shun everything bad.

Forward this – or anything beneficial anywhere – to a friend, and earn a TON of ajr!! In sha Allah. THAT is how you can get rich real quick 🙂