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Q&A: Can I See Her/His Picture?



Is it permissible for someone to show a photograph of a girl (with proper hijab) or a boy to a family for the purpose of marriage? Or is it preferrable to meet up personally?


This issue is intrinsically related to one’s position on photographs (which I’ve already elaborated on in a previous post).

In any case, in my humble opinion it is a very wise move to show a prospective suitor a photo of a girl he is interested in (and vice versa). There is no doubt that looks play a major role in deciding one’s life partner, therefore instead of a prospective couple meeting up and then one of them not liking the way the other looks (which will cause much embarrassment and hurt feelings) it is wiser to show a picture first. If the person wishes to proceed, fine, and if not, then not much damage has been done.

At this stage, I think it is wiser that a sister be wearing hijab in the photo, but as I elaborated in a previous post, it is allowed for her to be w/o hijab in front of prospective suitors.

And Allah knows best…


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This is a very relevant issue to many brothers and sisters who are trying to get married. So in sha Allah, I hope this answer will help.

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How to Measure Salah Quality

It’s the first thing that Allah [SWT] will ask us about on the Day of Judgement…and if this is good, then everything else will fall into place. It’s our prayer – Al Salah – and it makes so much sense to have a process in place to monitor the quality of salah and to keep improving it.

Here’s a way to progressively improve the quality of salah till we reach the level of emaan where we can worship Allah as if we see him, in sha Allah 🙂

Salah Quality Indicators: