Imam Aarij Anwer was born in Karachi, Pakistan and grew up in the Greater Toronto Area.

He holds a Bachelor of Islamic Sciences from Al-Madinah International University of Malaysia in Fiqh and Usulul Fiqh. He’s studied the sciences of the Shariah under his teachers from Egypt for a decade (and continues every week). He’s also completed degrees in Computer Science (Waterloo) and Education (Toronto).

He has served as an Imam and educator for the last decade. As an Imam, he has led taraweeh and qiyam prayers at Milton Masjid, Islamic Community Centre of Milton, Masjid Khalid bin Al-Walid, Masjid IMO and Islamic Centre of Southwest Ontario. He’s been a regular khatib and lecturer across the GTA and in London.

As an educator, he has graduated 24 huffadh of Qur’an at AlHuda Institute. He’s published a full, 6-level Arabic curriculum for Islamic schools at Bayyinah Institute. He’s taught over 500 students Arabic online through Bayyinah Institute and his AlKauthar Institute. In 2016, he published a book on the duas of the Prophet (S). He’s also traveled to over 10 cities internationally to give lectures and teach courses.

He’s a registered religious official and presides over marriages in London and the GTA. He lives in London ON with his wife and four daughters.

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