The MAPT (MEDIU Arabic Placement Test)


I wrote a post about MEDIU a few years ago describing my experiences as a student there. One of the things that I didn’t experience was the MAPT (MEDIU Arabic Placement Test) since I had a diploma in Arabic that allowed me to bypass the test.

A few people who have taken the MAPT commented on the original post regarding the test. I’m singling out some of those comments in this post, hopefully it will help any potential students who might have to take the MAPT.


assalaamu alaikum,

i have seen some questions asked about mapt. At some point i also wanted to know but did not get any information. Inshallah for general benefit i would like to state few things

This test will test you on grammar, listening comprehension, reading comprehension and vocabulary

If you are not prepared for the test, then these are the things that inshallah can help you attain sufficient knowledge needed to pass the test

1) Read “Aajroomiyah” in arabic and be comfortable with the text. In case you have read any matn advanced than this then inshallah you are good

2) try to listen and understand these aajroomiyah lectures as much as possible.

3) I benefitted a lot from this short booklet

same book on amazon

Inshallah if you can gage ur knowledge based on this then inshallah you should not hesitate taking the test to complete the bachelors requirement (score of 70). I believe the duration of test was if i remember correctly was 2:30. I finished it in 2 hrs

I am in US, my test was conducted by a very nice polite person via skype. She conversed with me in English

and all thanks belong to Allah-SWT

Um Ayesa

I have sat the MAPT two months ago. It is a multiple choice online exam and can easily be achieved within the 2.5 hours allocated. It does not test speaking, nor was there any interaction on Skype as previously mentioned by Brother AAquib (in my case anyway). I would say that if someone has reached the level of Aajrumiyah in Nahw then it should be pretty straightforward, although there are some questions on Sarf and Balagah which threw me a bit! Also all round experience in reading texts is important and just knowledge of Arabic grammar will not get you through it. In summary you have to know Arabic to pass it however the level required is not beyond the reach of the serious student. MEDIU is a great product and all serious students of knowledge should try to take benefit from it as there are few resources like it on the internet. My advice is to start learning Arabic early and then when you’re ready go for the MAPT.

By Aarij Anwer

Born in Karachi. Raised in the GTA. AlKauthar instructor. Qutoof CEO. Author. Bookings:

12 replies on “The MAPT (MEDIU Arabic Placement Test)”

One other point I forgot to mention is that MEDIU insist that ALL non-native Arabic speakers sit the MAPT (even if you have other qualifications which you studied in Arabic medium before enrolling at MEDIU. To gauge your strength in Arabic it is worthwhile looking at the course texts which can all be downloaded from their website:
A final point is that getting the MAPT and subsequent registration organised took quite some time and effort, so I would recommend that you allow for a minimum two month lead in before term begins. MEDIU is a large project where the logistics take quite some time to implement and due allowance should be made for that.

JazakAllahu khayran brother for sharing their experiences with us.
Asalamo’alaykum Um Ayesha,

JazakiAllahu khayran for sharing your experience. Could you (if possible) share how you prepared for the test in a bit more detail and whether you were already ‘up there’ or did you start off as a beginner in Arabic studies and worked your way up to eventually write the test? How do you know when you’re ready?
Re: registration issues – I have noticed that they don’t respond well despite you calling them. That could be due to language barriers or other issues. Allahu ‘alam. However, like you said, it is a resource that a serious student could definitely benefit from inshaa’Allah and nothing should thus be a deterrent. Please do plan to share your individual experience inshaa’Allah in form of a blog. I feel it would be very beneficial for lots of people. And Allah swt knows best.

Sorry, I’m actually Abu Ibrahim (I lazily used my wife’s (Umm Ayesa’s) ID when posting about the MAPT). As for preparation for the MAPT, nothing is required. It is a general language test and not looking for any one skill, but rather general ability in reading with comprehension, listening (to some embeded audio clips) and some grammar. I wouldn’t worry about it too much and just sit it if you feel you’re ready. You can always resit if things don’t go to plan. We need more sisters who are well qualified du’aat in the West and MEDIU is probably the best option at the moment. The whole nature of learning has changed with the advent of the internet and knowledge is more accessible than ever before.

I always recommend starting Arabic as early as possible and to treat it as a language and not just an exercise in mastering grammar rules, as many students mistakently tend to do. Myself, I spent two years in Egypt in full time studies many years ago. After completing the Qortoba Institute progamme, I spent another year reading texts to teachers in all the Islamic Sciences in Egypt. However that was only the foundation. I then returned to the UK and spent quite a few years reading extensively (both to teachers and by myself) to strengthen my language and also speaking to Arabs in the community. I then enrolled at the American Open University (AOU) and completed their four year bachelors programme in Shariah in the Arabic medium, which I completed in 2012. I’ve just started the Masters in Dawah programme at MEDIU this term and biznillah hope to complete in another four years on a part-time basis.

As for the admin side of MEDIU, well there has to be some hardship somewhere along the line :).

May Allah make our actions sincerely for His sake.

assalaamu alaikum,

i have a question/request on this post, Does anyone has a feedback / comment

In particular, my course plan shows some 5 courses to be registered. However during the actual registeration it stated that the requirement is to be minimum of 12 credit hours. My current registered courses go for 14 credit hours. I am in Bachelors program (full time). I have asked this question to the univ. but have not recieved any clarification on this
Besides that, it will be good to know other students in US or english speaking.


I’m new to MEDIU myself and am just getting to grips with the way they operate. Brother Aarij appears to be an old hand and will probably be best qualified to respond to your query. One thing I have discovered though is that the ‘Live Help’ is generally limited in its capabilities in responding to specific queires and it’s a case of finding our who deals with a particular area and emailing that person direct (preferably in Arabic). Allahu alam and best wishes with the studies.

Ok inshaa’Allah. JazakAllah khayr for your detailed response. It was beneficial, alhamdolilah.

This may be off-topic but would you recommend AOU’s Shariah program (Arabic)?

Jazak Allaho khairan brother Abu Ibrahim for your rich input, may Allah facilitate our journey to His pleasure, ameen.

Regards, Muhammad Aarij Anwer.

Alhamdulillah, I have had my share of technical/communication issues with MEDIU.

Best advice: use the messaging service in ALIM to contact professors. Contact admin directly using their email addresses. That works best WAllahu alam.

Regards, Muhammad Aarij Anwer.

I am currently doing arabiyya bayna yaadik. I will be starting the third book this month in sha Allah. I wanted to know, if these three books would be enough to pass the exam or will i have to study more ?

salaam a’laykum :)) , i just bought the al madinah arabic course book, will that be sufficient enough for me to pass this test?, im planning on pursuing bsc in islamic sciences (science of quran), do u think i could make it through? im rather intimidated to even speak it, im a tad bit embarrassed :/

Salamu Alaikum i had studied arabiyya bayna yaadaik book 1, 2 & around 140 pages of book 3 and i had managed to pass the exam in my first attempt. The test was pretty simple and straight forward. In sha Allah the curriculum from these books should also help you in passing the exam. So if your studying from these books in sha Allah you should pass.

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