Ramadan With Quran – One Month Quran Intensive

Ramadan With Quran: an intense, daily study of the Quran consisting of translation and recital. Starting July 15th,2012.


2 thoughts on “Ramadan With Quran – One Month Quran Intensive

  1. Assalamu-alaikum,
    The course sounds great, but I have a couple of questions,
    first, what qualifications etc do you have to teach this course? (no offense meant, I just need to check reliability)
    second, if we live in a different time zone which makes it almost impossible to attend the live timings online will recordings be available after the live class?


  2. Wa’alaikum as Salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

    You can take a look at the instructor bio here: http://www.ramadanwithquran.com/about/

    For recordings, you have to enroll and pay the course fee insha Allah. If you sign up, you will get a link for paying the fees the day of the first class insha Allah.

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