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For those of us who are serious about studying Islam and becoming full-time teachers and preachers, it is necessary to have a solid educational foundation in Islam. To achieve this, a person must systematically study each of the basic Islamic sciences while specializing in one or two that most interest them. It must be noted that without a solid educational foundation in Islamic sciences, the person will (generally) lack the depth to do any serious academic work.

But before we jump into the glorious world of Islamic sciences, we must satisfy the two mighty prerequisites: Qur’an and Arabic. The student of Islamic knowledge must be proficient in his/her reading of Qur’an (ideally, should be a hafidh of Qur’an), should know basic tafsir of the ayaat and should recite and ponder over the Qur’an habitually.

As for Arabic, proficiency in Arabic consists of reading comprehension, listening comprehension, writing/typing proficiency, and solid understanding of the grammar.

For those of us who satisfy these two prerequisites, we often face a stubborn obstacle: its not always feasible to travel abroad for a period of 4-6 years to study Islam.

But alhamdulillah, now there is a great alternative available. Those who are proficient in Qur’an and Arabic and want to study Islam from authentic sources systematically – which means studying all the basic sciences and specializing in one or two – there is Al-Madinah International University.

What is Al-Madinah International University?

The idea of establishing Al-Madinah International University (MEDIU) was mooted by a group of renowned Muslim scholars who wanted to provide contemporary Muslims with modern yet suitable educational tools which would equip them for the harsh reality of living in the Muslim world today – a world that is desperately plagued by war, prejudice, poverty, injustice and illiteracy.

By facilitating e-learning, MEDIU can be easily accessed by students from all corners of the world at any time or place of their own choosing.

MEDIU was named after Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah, the holy and blessed city where Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) established the capital of the first Islamic state, which is also considered the qiblah for those seeking Islamic knowledge.

MEDIU obtained approval as a university from the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) Malaysia on 26 December 2006 and subsequently was registered on 20 June 2007 (KPT/JPS/DFT/US/B22).

MEDIU operates under Malaysia’s Private Higher Education Act of 1996 (Act 555) which governs its establishment and the administration in order to prepare and provide a conducive learning environment for students of higher learning.

Source: About Al-Madinah International University.

You can read more about the University Rector, University Council, history and facts, and academic staff.

Programs Offered

Along with degrees and diplomas in IT, business admin and finance, MEDIU offers bachelor degrees in fiqh, hadith, ulum-ul Qur’an, daw’ah, and Arabic. They also offer master and PhD degrees. All these programs are in Arabic and the student who wants to enroll has to pass an Arabic proficiency test to qualify for the courses.

The degree is pretty affordable too. The entire degree (full-time) in fiqh for the 4 years costs $6,853 USD, which is pretty decent. Here is a complete breakdown of the fees and refund policy. They also have generous scholarships for students who cannot pay for their studies.

An important point to note is that unlike many online universities, the degrees are accredited.

Online and On-Campus

All the degrees are available online, which is the primary domain of MEDIU. However, they have also set up a campus in Malaysia recently. Students can apply either for studies online or on-campus.

Update: here is a look at the campus:

Here is a link to their youtube channel:

Online Studies – How does it Work?

The online studies with MEDIU has four components:

1) Course Notes

2) Recorded Lectures

3) Live Lectures

4) Powerpoint-style summary of the Course Notes

All these components are tied together by a course management software (Moodle), and it is named ALIM (pronounced aleem). The ALIM system lists all your courses, due dates, announcements, what lessons are to be completed in each week, etc.

The course notes are the main component. These are divided into lessons and each lesson has sub-lessons. At the beginning of the semester, the student is given an outline of what lessons to complete on a weekly basis.

Attached are few snapshots of the course notes:

Table of Contents

Components of a Lesson

Sample Lesson

The recorded lectures come in a very interesting format: .exe. The executable file comes complete with the text from the course notes (sometimes with additions) and a small media player that plays the files. The recorded lecture is basically a teacher reading from the course notes and explaining anything that he feels necessary. Here are some snapshots:

Table of Contents

Sample Lecture

The live lectures are conducted through an online software called Dimdim. The live lectures are basically a summary of the recorded lessons with question and answers. They take place around 6-7 times a semester. Each lecture is for an hour, so if you have the full course load (i.e. 5 courses) you will take 5 hours of live lectures. Here is a snapshot:

The last component of study is an online, powerpoint-style summary of the course notes. This is done in the ALIM system through a software module called SCORM. This component is a useful study tool because it tests your understanding with short questions and MCQs, etc. Here is a snapshot:

Tests and Exams

Assignments, quizzes, forum participation and short tests are conducted online through ALIM. These are generally not worth a lot of the course grade (20-30%). The larger portion is for the midterm (20%) and the final (50%). The midterm and the final exams are done in-person and for this, the student needs a proctor and a location where the exam can be administered. The University emails the exams to the proctor, who prints it, gives it to the student at the correct time, then takes the exams, scans and emails them and finally snail-mails them to the University.

Usually all the assignments, short tests and even the midterms are very straightforward. However the finals are tricky and they fully test the understanding of a student by making them write long answers. For example, during the finals, it is quite necessary to have many proofs from the Qur’an and sunnah memorized by heart.


MEDIU is a great system of learning for those who are proficient in Qur’an and Arabic. It is systematic and organized, allowing the student to gain a lot of benefit in a short time. In my opinion, MEDIU is perfect for people who:

  • Have studied Arabic abroad and are looking for the next step.
  • Are actively involved in dawah work in the West and thus cannot go abroad for formal studies.
  • Have a diploma in Islamic studies/informal education in Islamic studies and want to enhance and deepen their knowledge.
  • Have a bachelors in Islamic studies but cannot travel for masters.

Moreover, driven students can combine studies at MEDIU with specialization in any science that they wish. For example, a student can do the MEDIU degree in fiqh and specialize with a private teacher in the sciences of qiraa’aat, giving him a solid foundation in all Islamic sciences and a specialization that interests and drives him. This combination of general studies at MEDIU and specialized studies with a private teacher yields tremendous results.

I personally encourage those interested and qualified to give MEDIU a try. The application process is easy and doesn’t cost anything. Those interested in more details can contact MEDIU directly, or leave a comment here insha Allah.

By Aarij Anwer

Born in Karachi. Raised in the GTA. AlKauthar instructor. Qutoof CEO. Author. Bookings:

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What do you mean specialization? They offer degrees, and through the degrees you can specialize in your field of choice.

The time zone difference is pretty brutal for people in North America. The live classes are held from 1:00 am to 6:00 am in the mornings! But it is only 6 or 7 times a semester so its not that bad.

As-salaamu ‘alaykum wa rahmat Allahi wa barakaatuhu,

Please excuse the bluntness of this question, but if you live in North America, what is the advantage of studying with this institution over studying with an online institute that has its headquarters in North America?

(inshaAllah you are well :)!)

Wa’alaikum as Salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

The reason is that this university is accredited. After studying with them, you have a chance for higher studies anywhere in the world. This is not true for any online institute in NA.

Also, these folks are far more professional than any NA institute. I’ve taken online courses at University of Waterloo, and I can easily say that MEDIU’s online courses are at the same level (if not better).

SubhanAllah…my apologies for the tone of my comment! I was reading the info as it is re-posted on the blog of a friend of mine, and I didn’t realize I was directed away from her website by clicking on the link to read more. When I left my comment, I thought I was leaving a comment on her blog. I only now realized what I had done because I went to her blog to check for a response.

My apologies, again.

I have just completed a degree programme in Educational Administration and Management at The Milton Margai College of Education and Technology, were i also offered Islamic Religious Knoweledge as my advanced option and I now wan to Major in IRK as my area of speacility so What programme will you recommend me to offer?

I have masters in mathematics and I did my Talimul quran 3-1/2 year course with alhuda international course which consists of word to word meaning of entire quran a/basic grammer/tajweed /some subject and also did buhari hadees course.. My question is I want learn more science of qirat . Please guide me which course will suitable for me? looking forward to hear from you-jzk

I wish to learn online wet cupping (HIJAMA) course and certification. please send me more details about this
Mohamed Khaleel

I am very much interested to lean Islamic Study in this inportant usiful University. But how to be a student now I am in Nigeria?

Salam akhi, Jazakallahu khayran for this very beneficial post.

Can you please contact me by IM/email? I’d like to ask you a bit more about the course, I’ve been looking for a student who has been through the course and I’d really appreciate a bit of your time.

Esselamu alejkum
I’m interested to for online hijama course.
Can you please send me more details.

Asslam o Alikum
dear sir I’m Naseem Ansari From Nepal … I have complited my high school (Secondry School) from Al-Azhar university Cairo Egypt full in Islamic study and now i want to continue my B A in Islamic Facolty in HADITH or in QURA’A or in FIQAH AL-HANFI so please guid me what to do and i’m not able to pay fee rtuly your Student i want to study online only

As Salamo alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

May Allah bless you in your studies. Yes this university is excellent for the studies that you mentioned.

Regards, Muhammad Aarij Anwer.

Assalamu Alaikum,

I am interested in online courses, might I please ask you to send me more details?

As salam,i am less can i apply to Scholarship also wish to study online

Asalam Alaykum.
Sir, I am Badrudeen Musa Adebayo, Nigerian and a Muslim. I have B.Ed in Guidance and Counselling and Islamic Studies in 2006, M.Ed in Counselling Psychology with Assessment and Testing in 2010. I am a secondary school teacher and an Imam of a Central Mosque. Sir I want to do another master degree in Islamic Studies and in Shaa ALLAHU do my Ph.D in Islamic Studies online in your University (Al-Madinah International University). Sir, I want to know when and how to apply. The reason is that as an Imam and a religious leader, I want to be continuously and concomitantly discharging my religious obligations to my people and be updating my knowledge.
I remain your humble brother in Islam.

Asalam Alaykum.
Sir, I am Badrudeen Musa Adebayo, Nigerian and a Muslim. I have B.Ed in Guidance and Counselling and Islamic Studies in 2006, M.Ed in Counselling Psychology with Assessment and Testing in 2010. I am a secondary school teacher and an Imam of a Central Mosque. Sir I want to do another master degree in Islamic Studies and in Shaa ALLAHU do my Ph.D in Islamic Studies online in your University (Al-Madinah International University). Sir, I want to know when and how to apply. The reason is that as an Imam and a religious leader, I want to be continuously and concomitantly discharging my religious obligations to my people and be updating my knowledge.
I remain your humble brother in Islam, Musa Adebayo.

Assalamu a’alikum

This is one of the most beneficial posts I’ve read in a long time. I am currently in the middle of the BA programme with AOU in the Arabic medium(which btw is accredited by Umm Durman University in Sudan and others..see AOU is a good option but is in need of much further development to keep up with the pace of MEDIU. I am currently eyeing up MEDIU for my masters degree and this post has really enthused me. May Allah reward you and bless you in your studies. It was not clear whether you were pursuing the BA or masters. Anyway I would love to correspond with you directly if you have the time to ask some further questions.

jazakallahu kahrian
Abu Ibrahim

Barak Allaho feek brother Abu Ibrahim. Please check your email 🙂

I am a imam for past five years I am haafith of quraan I have studied Alim course for 5 years In south africa I am interested in tour course

May Allah bless you. You can find more details on their website insha Allah

Just a quick question: They say regarding their Arabic course that after the student’s done with it, they’d be able to ‘pursue studies where Arabic is a medium of instruction.’ But when I had a look at their curriculum, most of it teaches you proficiency in Quranic/literature Arabic more-so vs. the conversational Arabic. I’m interested in learning Quraanic Arabic but I wish to use my Arabic skills for MEDIU’s bachelor’s degrees taught in Arabic and surely if the medium for their teaching is Arabic, then the student must know some conversational Arabic to be able to understand what’s going on in class? It’s just that I’m not sure whether it’ll really give me the skills that I would need. I’m having a hard time choosing between MEDIU and another program.

I also looked for what kind of Arabic Proficiency test they have but couldn’t find any information about it. Would you know anything about it at all? I was just interested in knowing the level of Arabic proficiency required to get into their programs. Any help would be appreciated. The deadline for this other program is only possibly in 2-3 days…so would really be grateful if you could give any advice so that I can make a decision!

JazakAllahu khayran,
-Umm S.

The level of proficiency required for MEDIU is very high. More than conversation, the most important thing is that you must know Arabic grammar really well. The vocabulary and conversation you pick up during the course of your studies bit you must be a pro in grammar (nahw and sarf) to study at MEDIU.

Unless you have finished some classical grammar texts like ajromiyyah, you should do the arabic language course that MEDIU offers.

I didn’t write the MAPT so I’m not sure what is on it.


Brother is the university linked to the madinah university in Saudi?

What books do they use and are the lecturers good?


Can the university accept a student to study islamic sciences if he does not know arabic if so what is the procedure?

They have a program for learning Arabic. But you cannot do the degree program until you are proficient in Arabic.

am kenyan currently in south africa, i finished my high school and want to join uni. Its totaly unfair for requiring a fluency in arabic and quran because not everyone is born in arab speaking country or tauhgtat school. I can read arabic and quran but i can’t do tafsir. Please don’t close the door of seeking knowledge on us,


I am Mustafa Kasim Ahmed from somalia.
I kindly request my valued brothers to allow me to prepare subject Alfiqh&Usul Alfiqh in ful scholarship.
Alhamdulillah, I have good job but dependents are more and my mother was injured by wepons and became handcaped. she is the greatest dependent and all doctors are tired to cure her seccessfully. so i reques to give consideration to may request so help muslims.

i confirmed that this information are accurate and reliable.

I am Mustafa Kassim from Mogadishu-Somalia.
i request my valued brothers to allow me stuying Alfiqh& sulafiqh in full scholarship.
Alhamdulillah, I have a good job but dependents are more and the dunger dependent is my mother injured by weapons and handcaped and doctors tired to cure her successfully.

so I request my understandable muslim brothers tw things:
1- to give me full scholarship in Alfiqh& UsulAlfiqh
2- to help me in maintainance of my mam.

i have done master in Islamic studies and Arabic and i have done hifz-e-Quran. i am assistant professor in islamic studies department in the Islamia University of Bahawalpur-Pakistan.

now i want admission in ph.d in islamic studies Online

i have done master in Islamic studies and master in Arabic studies and i am Hafiz-e-Quran. i have done Diploma in teachers training from from King Saud University Riyadh KSA and Diploma in Da,wa walershad from Azhar University Egypt.

Now i want to Admission in Ph.d program in Islamic Studies

assalam alaykum! how to study arabic online plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I am faqihi mohamed limbaila from east Africa Tanzania, what is qualification to get scholarship for studies?

asalam alaikum,i am abdul waheed adeoye from nigeria an islamic cleric.h
ow can i do the registration.thanks.masalam

Assalamalaikum. Does this online university has anything to do with Medinah university in KSA? Please reply.

i want to study here online as i want to learn islam more profoundly
so kindly help

Em Adam,
I have my BA in English literature and I know Arabic language (speaking,reading ,writing and grammar). I live in Texas,USA. My questions are:
Do you have placement tests to check Arabic language proficiency? How do you do it?
How do I know that what I know about islamic studies can fit me in your program?
When does the semester start?
Do you assign the proctor? the place?

Jazakom”allah khair

1. Yes they have their own placement test, but if you have a diploma/certificate then you don’t need to take the test. 2. Not sure about this question. 3. Semesters start September and February. 4. Yes you have to get a proctor for exams.

Regards, Muhammad Aarij Anwer.

I’ve been surfing on-line greater than 3 hours today, yet I never found any fascinating article like yours. It is lovely price enough for me. In my view, if all web owners and bloggers made excellent content material as you did, the web will probably be much more useful than ever before.

Asalamualaikum, do you have any course which deals only with hifz that is memorization of Quran?! (for sisters)

I want to do tajweed course from madina university on line plz help me im physical

therapistnd also did
graduation in microbiology nd did certificate course in tajweed nd also hifzed 30 para as well.,am teaching tajweed as well,Alhumdu
lillah.,plz help me,jzk.

I am very happy with the programme that madinah internation university online

Asalam alaikum warahaturllah wabarakatu, bismillah ,Ahmednajad from rwanda please a good idea but make it easy for us muslim to study online as well as ALLAH will make easy your life of your family,please acept my fikra,asalam alaikum warahaturllah wabarakatu

assalaamu alaikum,
i have seen some questions asked about mapt. At some point i also wanted to know but did not get any information. Inshallah for general benefit i would like to state few things

This test will test you on grammar, listening comprehension, reading comprehension and vocabulary

If you are not prepared for the test, then these are the things that inshallah can help you attain sufficient knowledge needed to pass the test
1) Read “Aajroomiyah” in arabic and be comfortable with the text. In case you have read any matn advanced than this then inshallah you are good
2) try to listen and understand these aajroomiyah lectures as much as possible.

3) I benefitted a lot from this short booklet
same book on amazon

Inshallah if you can gage ur knowledge based on this then inshallah you should not hesitate taking the test to complete the bachelors requirement (score of 70). I believe the duration of test was if i remember correctly was 2:30. I finished it in 2 hrs

I am in US, my test was conducted by a very nice polite person via skype. She conversed with me in English

and all thanks belong to Allah-SWT

Jazak Allaho khairan br Aaquib for the invaluable input. I didn’t take the MAPT. I’m going to add this to the original post insha Allah.

Regards, Muhammad Aarij Anwer.

I have sat the MAPT two months ago. It is a mutiple choice online exam and can easily be achieved within the 2.5 hours allocated. It does not test speaking, nor was there any iteraction on Skype as previously mentioned by Brother AAquib (in my case anyway). I would say that if someone has reached the level of Aajrumiyah in Nahw then it should be pretty straight forward, although there are some questions on Sarf and Balagah which threw me a bit! Also all round experience in reading texts is important and just knowledge of Arabic grammar will not get you through it. In summary you have to know Arabic to pass it however the level required is not beyond the reach of the serious student. MEDIU is a great product and all serious students of knowledge should try to take benefit from it as there are few resources like it on the internet. My advice is to start learning Arabic early and then when you’re ready go for the MAPT.

alhamdolillah,the semester has just started. Todays date 9/3/2013
I would like to know if there are students in US (or other English speaking) who are currently into the Bachelors program. There are some miscellaneous issues i would like to discuss in terms of course registration and then academic progress during the semester. I have sought some explanation from univ on this but it still leaves some issues unanswered. My email id on yahoo is maqib100. Maybe i can help you if you have questions i know etc.
While my academic plan states that i should have been taking 5 courses, i have registered so far into 4. My credit hours are 14 (still over 12).

Brother Aquib please post your questions here, I’ll answer them to the best of my ability and hopefully others can benefit from them as well 🙂

Hey Assalaamu alaaikum Br Aarij
i send out atleast couple of emails to the univ on the registeration question but did not get any response. Mainly my bachelor program plan lists 5 courses that i needed to take. I just got myself registered with 4 of those. My current credit hours are 14. It did not gave any error during registering process. I am a full time student. Do u know if this would be acceptable? Here is the program plan listed, i m not registered for course on information technology for the first year first semester.

Aquib Registering in 4 courses is fine. I did 4 courses full time and its not a problem. Contact for course related issues.

Also, are you receiving the university emails?

Regards, Muhammad Aarij Anwer.

Assalaamu alaikum
jzk for advice
yes i emailed her couple of times
i do recieve univ emails, and i could not find clear explaination. But inshallah should be ok now
Until yesterday i was following “My timetable” to get the live class schedule. I remember reading that in one of the univ email. I just realized the first batch of live classes just got over. In the Alim i just found that they had link embedded WIZq under one of the lessons and it tells when the live classes supposed to begin. All the sessions are expired, however some wizq link says that the lecture got recorded i dont know where (do u know?)Khair inshallah I expect now that they will update live class under some future lessons in Alim

The classes are not recorded unfortunately, so basically missed them. No worries, just attend the next ones 🙂

Regards, Muhammad Aarij Anwer.

Assalaamu alaikum
how do i take quiz (multiple choice questions) at the end of the lesson?

initially i was going thru alim and entering into the subject and their online lessons, so i can take the quiz online. There are some subjects such as iuqr1224 ulumul quran that scorm window pane is cut and u dont see the full content (from the left side). I sought help from live chat and she said that i am supposed to take these quizes with proctor?? and not use scorm
what u mention that only midterm/final need to go thru proctor – this makes more sense, than making arrangement with person in skype at 3:00 am just to take 8/10 question quizes

As Salaam Alaikum

So all the SCORM slides can be downloaded from the “Course Materials” section. So you can run them from your computer and that way they are better formatted.

SCORM material is only for your own review, there are no marks for it. Only marks are for the 3 quizzes, 3 assignments and 2 forums.

The quizzes you can take yourself. Only midterms and exams have to be proctored.

Regards, Muhammad Aarij Anwer.

Assalaamu alaikum
Br Aarij, jzk for ur comment. Everyday i learn something new about the system as i started to notice forums, quizes start to populate on alim. There is one thing in particular not clear to me is all the grouping as they say that this lecture for group-1 or second and so forth. HOw should i know which group i belong in and if i attend lectures for other group what happens?

i am taking following courses
intro to science of quran
intro to lugha
ideological invasion

until now my strategy has been to read the master text, and underline the word i dont understand and later look them up in dictionary. And then the live lectures also start to make sense. This is somewhat working for all the courses except for ideolgical invasion as there is immense amount of text with very rich vocab while the gist of information is very small. All this information could have been summarized in few words with relevent historical names and dates and the describing the role in brief but i dont see this information anywhere. I dont want to hide the fact that language is still a barrier and at the same time can still absorb / decipher some “finite” text or audio within given time. Can you kindly suggest the best methodology to study each subject and in particular the ideological invasion. Currently i started to use kitaab un Naatiq for ideological invasion and atleast getting some tashkeel on words but no further discussion.

earlier i post in general forum related to help in educational material (in english) about ulum ul quran and no one responded. I also emailed all the 4 lecturers (again in english) and at least the teacher of ulum ul quran is been emailing me back but he is not answering all the questions.

jazakullah khairun for help in advance.

Aaquib, You can check your group number on the main course page. It’s right above the first week.

Your strategy is good. This is how I did it too. You won’t get help on the forums, it’s either through the professor or a peer. You can message peers through the ALIM system as well.

Ideological invasion is really hard. Probably the 3rd hardest course in the entire degree program. It’s hard because the recorded lectures are in 100% colloquial Arabic making it extremely difficult to decipher. Just try your best with it and email me directly if you have any questions regarding the content.

Regards, Muhammad Aarij Anwer.

yes i can see my group number at top, jzk for pointing this out

question on midterm. Can you tell me what is the general time length of the midterm exam. My proctor was asking me the time length so he can plan on those days. In live class, we asked lecturer the same question but he said the university prepare the papers so he dont know. Also, for midterm do you only get multiple choice questions or there could be write essay like questions. Jzk in advance.

i am taking following courses
intro to science of quran
intro to lugha
ideological invasion

Only multiple choice, official time is 60 minutes. Probably will take you 20 minutes maximum.

jzk for midterm advice. It was just as you said
What about the finals, how long it would be. Would it have essay like questions? Do we need arabic keyboard?

Finals are the same, except 25 questions. No essays 🙂

Regards, Muhammad Aarij Anwer.

Jazakullah khairun for your excellent support Br Aarij
If you get chance, kindly let us know how did your journey go thru so far. Is it 3 years at mediu so far? What are your intentions for future? Is there anything in particular that you want to put this study in use? Are you studying some other stuff or work? Also, how do you manage your hifdh with studies etc.
Assalaamu aalaikum

Assalamualikum, I’ve just come across this website. I am from the UK and have a Bachelors equivalent in Arabic Language and Islamic Sciences, along with 2 Diplomas in Arabic Language, Islamic Studies, and Arabic teaching skills to no-arabic speakers from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
My question is: are the Masters programs at the University recognized and acccredited? Will I be able to apply for a PhD afterwards?
May Allah accept all our efforts.
Muhammad Bahar

Not so I did some research your degrees are only accredited in China and Malyasia and no where else. For its high prices poor Muslims in China can not afford online degree that cost over $6,000 US dollars. I find this very awkward about your school.

From the live help at the schools website, find this school overprices for an online school that only accredited in China and Malaysia, and they offer no scholarships or discounts. The fees are overpriced for an online school $6,000 accredited in China and Malaysia, the Chinese can not afford those fees, it seems the school out for business. I advise any westerns before they make a big investment any online school you will spend a lot of money for a school that not accredited even in the Arabic world or Western countries. It will be a big lost, the institution needs to refocus and alter its prices for its online degrees.

But where are you getting the information that it’s only accredited in Malaysia and China?

Regards, Muhammad Aarij Anwer.

Re-read what was said before, the content was very clear.
“From the live help at the schools website, find this school overprices for an online school that only accredited in China and Malaysia, and they offer no scholarships or discounts. The fees are overpriced for an online school $6,000 accredited in China and Malaysia, the Chinese can not afford those fees, it seems the school out for business. I advise any westerns before they make a big investment any online school you will spend a lot of money for a school that not accredited even in the Arabic world or Western countries. It will be a big lost, the institution needs to refocus and alter its prices for its online degrees.”

This is from live conversation at the help page at MEDIU:
Please wait. An operator will be with you shortly.
sarah says:
Hello Muhammad. My name is sarah how can I help you?
Muhammad says:
In what countries al Madinah International University degree is accredited ?
sarah says:
in malaysia and china
Muhammad says:
Is the degree from your school recognized in any Arab country like Saudi?
sarah says:
no it’s on it’s way to be
Muhammad says:
Sorry looking for yes and no answers is?
sarah says:
then no
Muhammad says:
Is a degree from your school recognized in any Western countries?
sarah says:
only in malaysia and china
Muhammad says:
Are there any scholarships?
sarah says:
Muhammad says:
Are there any discounts?
sarah says:
no for now
sarah says:
but it’s according to the season
sarah says:
sometimes there’s discounts and sometimes no
Muhammad says:
If a students pays for the degree upfront are there a discount for them?
sarah says:
Muhammad says:
Is there any scholarship or discounts for any Islamic Organizations or those who are in the field of Dawah?
sarah says:
we don’t comunicate with any organization but u can find one on your own to pay your fees
sarah says:
there’s no scholarships or discounts
Muhammad says:
That was not the question is there any scholarship or discounts for Islamic organizations or individuals who are in the field of dawah who want to study at your school?
sarah says:
Muhammad says:
What is your id ?
sarah says:
what do u mean ?
sarah says:
by id?
Muhammad says:
your email contact?
sarah says:
Muhammad says:
Jazakillahu khair
sarah says:
w eyakum

Assalaamu alaikum,
I do not completely understand the focus on having accredited degree in islamic sciences. Most of the orientalists, with all their accredited academic background has not been able to learn the basics role of the knowledge in islam. On the other hand, you find islamic scholars (east or west) attending classes by eminent scholars and they “simply” refer to this attendance in their CV. They do not show any accreditation (you may have to do some research to appreciate this fact.) The work of these scholars, books, seminars speak for itself the knowledge they have earned thru this learning process. Infact anyone is free to attend the classes in mosque of the prophet in madinah often given by faculty of the university there.
I wanted to learn more about the Arabic literature and linguistics. I did my research (different from your approach and criteria) what the overall curriculum for Bachelor’s in this field covers and identified the benefits and made the decision to study from here. During my study however, i was surprised that in the “introduction to Ulum ul Quran” the course even touched upon advanced concepts of Balagha. Later in two years they will have two other subjects that will discuss the known 3 branches of Balagha. I dont know how to express myself but i am very excited over future prospects.
One of my friend after finishing his bachelors from Al Azhar next year will inshallah join the Masters program and my other friend from Madinah university in Madinah is currently applying for Masters in Shariah program here. I am not aware of any institution here in United States accredited or none , online or university class, that offers the quality education and depth of information as provided here. The faculty so far i have come accross are Doctorates. You can “extend” your research by finding their CVs.

Wa alaikum as Salaam and wa iyyak Aquib. I’m going to write a separate post on the challenges, the benefits that I’ve gained and even some curriculum-related critique soon insha Allah!

I finished my hifdh before I started MEDIU. Revision on the other hand….:( still an ongoing challenge.

Regards, Muhammad Aarij Anwer.

Assalaamu alaikum Br Aarij
Based on your experience, in the final exam do they ask questions from the earlier chapter? for e.g in ideological invasion, the midterm covered first six chapters Do i also have to review those early chapters for my final? What are your thoughts. Jazakullahu khairan

Wa’alaikum as Salaam

Yes, 80% of the exam will be from the chapters after the midterm and 20% will be from the chapters before it. Hope this helps insha Allah.

Regards, Muhammad Aarij Anwer.

Aquib and Aarij Anwer about what you said about credited school and also reading some of CV’s of callers, but I will say a degree from Azhar is accepted in Saudi and such for Saudi universities degrees are accept in Egypt. MEDIU degree not accept in any of these institutes of learning so If I study your BA programs at MEDUI, its not accepted in Saudi or Egypt or any other Arab country. So I can not go to Azhar or any other institute in Egypt or Saudi like Madinah University and study in their Master program with a degree from MEDiU. This is one of the points I was talking about. A student would of spent thousand of dollars over $6,000 to be correct for a online Degree at MEDIU and its not recognize in Saudi or Egypt so this means I can not further my education in any of these place with a degree from your school. The student will be lost out his money or stuck with furthering his or her education with your school.

As salam-o-Alaikum, may I please know what is the basic and starting step for becoming an alimah?
My mother is really looking forward to start with it and I have interest to help her.
jazak’Allah, May Allah bless you.

Having completed my first term at MEDIU on the master’s programme I thought I would share some information for the benefit of prospective master’s students. The information provided on the university website unfortunately does not give a clear picture as to what the student should expect.

Firstly, the student has to choose either full-time or part-time mode of study. The full-time option involves enrolment on 4 or 5 units, whilst the part-time option means registering on 2 or 3 units. Each unit comprises a 5,000 word research paper, two short assignments (typically one or two pages in length) and the mid-term and final exams. In theory it is possible to complete the programme within two years; however the constraining factor for most students will be the research paper which takes considerable time and effort to research and write. There are also four live lectures the student must attend to be eligible to enter the exams. The lectures essentially involve the instructor summarising /reading verbatim one or more lessons and do not really have much impact on exam performance and attendance is more just an administrative requirement.

The master’s programme differs from the bachelors programme in a number of respects; there are no power-point style summaries of the course texts meaning that the onus is on the student to produce his own concise summary for revision purposes (with the exception of Manhjul Bahth). Each text consists of about 500 pages, so high level study skills are needed to sort the wheat from the chaff. Also another key difference is that both the mid-term and final exam includes written questions, alongside the usual multiple choice questions, which account for around 40% of the score. To score at the highest levels in the examinations a very detailed study of the text is needed (as some of the questions are looking for obscure detail), but for those wishing to gain the qualification with a good result, a solid, general understanding of each and every chapter (from my experience at least) should suffice.

My advice to prospective master’s students is to start the research papers as early in the term as possible, once the selected title(s) have been posted, to avoid unnecessary stress later on down the line. It is also advisable to use the period before term begins to start reading and summarising the course texts; the texts are freely available on the university’s website. I believe that with a strategic approach it is possible to complete the masters in a short period of time with a good result inshallah.

assalamu alaikum, for the arabic mediu degree , can one enroll in the mediu arabic short course to improve grammar so to get one can later be ready for the Arabic Proficiency test? meaning would me taking the 1 year arabic short course be sufficient enough for me to be ready for the arabic 4 year degree course?

Wa’alaikum as Salaam

It really depends on your background. The Arabic grammar taught at the undergrad level is very advanced, it is a study of Alfiyyah of ibn Malik. The short courses will definitely help but my opinion is that you need to have something concrete, like Ajroomiyyah, finished and preferably memorized before embarking for study at MEDIU.

Regards, Muhammad Aarij Anwer.

Alhamdulillah, am a hafidh and recently finished a diploma in Arabic. Am interested in furthering my studies with your institution.pls guide me through.

As salamu alikum wa rahmatullah, I am intrested in studying with you by the will of Allah. I mean on line I live on the west, I am originally from Africa. I do speak a bit of arabic al hamdulillah I do read quran though not with tajweed. I have a good fundation of fiqh. please be though how I can en role on line . Jazaakumullah khiran.

Dear Sir
i want to know whether the PhD program in ulumul quran and tafseer offered by almadina international university is accrediated/recognised by higher education ministry malaysia?because i checked and found information for masters program only and not for Ph D.

My name is Najib Sagir Abdullahi i was born iwas bornin Takai local govt kano state i wont read medicine in here .
Thank you

Alhamdulilah, the age 40 preciselly is point of returnning. That means: whatever goes up must gradually come down,therefore there is limit for certain food.

Assalaamuni alaekum,i went throught mariccas and compeleted moralatu sanawiyaht i ‘m an Arabic teacher and an Imaam but i’m highly intrested to run degree course but financia sotage makes me remean as i’m. pls put me through

Online admission in Madina university required for distance lerning from India in English literature with degree till to become mufti …….

salam i also want to study ononline this islamic course can i be part of it.

I will really praise Allah if you can grant me admission into online masters degree in arabic and islamic studies,at your study portals.because I have been apply since,now I will be looking forward to read from you.jazakunllahu khayran.

Assalamu a’alaikum

This posts is one of the most beneficial I’ve read in a long time. I’m currently in the end of the B.A(Ed) Islamic Studies programme in the GSU (which is accredited by Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) Zaria. I am in need of much further development to keep up with the pace of MEDIU. I am currently eyeing up MEDIU for my masters degree and this post has really enthused me. May Allah reward you and bless you in your studies. It was not clear whether you were pursuing the masters in Tafsir and ulum alkur’an, or in Shari’a and islamic Law. Anyway I would love to correspond with you directly if you have the time to ask some further questions.

Jazakallahu khairan
Ahmad Haruna

Asalam alaykun warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu I have prepered some topics for my research such as:SIFATUL DA’WATUL SAHABAH and AL HIJAB FIL ISLAM,now how can I start and how should I forward it to MADIU kindly help
me sir jazakunllahukhayran.

Those who don’t know much of quran and no arabic at all can apply …

assalamu alaikum I am a Nigerian and I want offer

one of the course pls how can I start „ and pls I also need assistant of the institution for this programme thank . masha Allah I am waiting for your reply as soon as possible.

Assalamu alaikum I just want to study Islamic studies with this university how can I apply for it? Thank you .

Admin this is Really amazing content to read. I would love to hear again from you. I also want to ask a Question from you. Where from Al-Madinnah University is Accredited and did its degree is accepted world wide?

Admin this is Really amazing content to read. I would love to hear again from you. I also want to ask a Question from you. Where from Al-Madinnah University is Accredited and did its degree is accepted world wide?

Slam sr i intersted phd in islamic study . i am a Pakistani ,how can apply.plz help me.

The degree is not accepted worldwide. It is accredited in Malaysia and China to the best of my knowledge.

Regards, Aarij Anwer.

On Mon, Aug 4, 2014 at 5:43 AM, True and Good Words wrote:


Assalam alaykun I am still looking forward of when and how to start,and to read from you about the next step on online programme I apply for.thanks jazakunllahu khayran.

Essalamu aleykum
I am from azerbaijan
And I want learn islam in madinah
What I must do for learn islam in madinah or mekke

How can someone with basic Islamic Knowlegde, can speak, read and write arabic persue studying online?

aslamalaiqum. Im interested in the MA Fiqh. i have an MA Islamic Studies from a UK university , but its level is a LOT LOT less than MEDIU.
ive completed the three madina books, and am halfway through Book 3 of Bayna Yadayk. Havent done Ajrumiyyah. Would you advise me to complete Book 3 Bayna Yadayk and then apply to MEDIU. Or should I complete Book 3 Bayna Yadayk and complete Ajrumiuyyah with a sharh and then apply. My Arabic written skills are poor. Reading is a lot better

Complete Ajrumiyyah with sharh then start MEDIU.

Regards, Aarij Anwer. On Mar 19, 2015 6:50 PM, “True and Good Words” wrote:


I am a Nigerian,and I attended Mahadu Deeniy Al-Azhariy,Ilorin,Nigeria,between 1999 and 2004. I then proceeded to Lagos State polytechnic,in Lagos,Nigeria,as a part-timer,to study Business Administration,where I had my National Diploma. But i have tried my possible best to further my islamic studies in either King Saud University,Riyadh,or any other prominent universities available,but all my effort was to no avail. Now,i want your eminence to kindly explain to me in detail,the easiest way of getting an academic scholarship in any of the reputable universities in Saudi Arabia…and if possible help me out. May Allah be merciful to me,you,and to the entire Ummah Muhammadiyyah.

Secondly, I don’t so much understand the on-line studies’ stuff so,I’ll be very grateful if you can as well explain better to me via my email. I’ll be much more grateful if my requests could be granted and quickly paid an attention to. Jazaakumullahu ta’aalaa awfal Jazaai. Tirmidhiy Badmos

السلام عليكم
يسرنى جدا يرؤيت هذه الجامعة الميمونة التى تمنح شهادة ماجستير على شبكة انترنت والحمد لله على ذلك ,
ويسعدنى أيضا ان أصرح رغبتى بمواصلة داستى الماجستيرية بهذه الجامعةز
فى الدراسات الإسلامية و عندى شهادة > دغرى BA Islamic studies
من جامعة عثمان ابن فودى صكتو نيجريا.
أبوبكر غرب

أسأل الله أن يوفقكم ويجازيكم بخير الجزاء


As-salamu alaykum I’m interested in pursuing a Bachelor of Fiqh would anyone be able to tell me how much is required to write for the assignments please ?

assalam walekum im interested in acquiring more knowledge in islam. By pursuing further degree .i have currently completed my graduation and fellowship and pursuing my masters in optometry and also achieving great success with grace and blessing of Allah. Recently i came to know about degrees and Ph.D in islamic degrees as well . I love to study and would like to learn more in deep about islam and do something for my Muslim sisters which can help them in long run. My knowledge in islam is very basic i.e i believe in 5 times praying 30 days of Ramzan roza and doing good deeds. Are there any online courses which may help me to take myself further?


I’m holding a degree in business administration – Accounting, I have also memorise the full Qur’an, but I don’t understand Arabic, I don’t know hadith and fiqh. Could I be offered admission on scholarship?

As salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh;
Alhamdulillahi I know few ayat, but I can’t read THE HOLY BOOK OF QURAN since I don’t know the Alphabets; I would like to know if I can start from the bottom.
Thank you!
Shadia Ahmed

I am so much happy to learn about the existence of such a great opportunity. May Allah SWT bless your efforts.
Also I will be very grateful if I could get the oppornity to study at MEDIU on your scholarship programme due to financial difficulties. Thank you. Was-salaamu alaikum wa rahmatul-Laahi wa barkaatuh.

i completed mphil at university of Ghana in arabic and religions inslamic option. i prefer to do phd pease what is the proceedure

Assalamu Alaikum,

I am interested in online courses, might I please ask you to send me more details?

Assalamualaikum, I want to learn online alima but please i want to know the process of applying, thanks

السلام عليكم
I am a radiologist with MD degree from the United States of America. I have fifteen years education after high school.

I finished high school in Palestine so I am excellent in Arabic.

I am very interested in getting a degree in Islamic science

Respected Hounorable sir, I shall abide by your and Principle with all my commitment and devotion regarding my duty as ( Tutor) assigned by youer Org
anization. Please gave me a chance under your kind control. My qualification is (M.A – Arabic/ Islamiyat along with Molvi Fazil Oriental languages examination. Thanks!

I wanted to know can we study islamic studies that is quran hadees & arabic etc & also continue with management studies like mba islamic finance etc
Please tell me because i want carry out both the dunya & aqhirat

I m mphil in islamic studies frm pakistan. I have done ma in english nd ma in education also. I m also hafize quran. I know ,speak nd write urdu nd english languages bt i m nt well versed in arabic language.having such background,can i take admission in phd islamic studies on line through ur univeristy?

Assalamoaleykom,This is Ali,I am 28 years old I am basically from Pakistan and currently living in Italy, I am Hafiz And Qari of the holy Quran and I’ve studied Some materials as well such as Fiqha,Hadith,Arabic grammar,Osool al Fiqha etc I speak read understand and write Arabic very well
My aim of contacting you is to do bachelors or master in Islamic studies so for that I’d you people to guide me how could I complete my studies

I am a Ghanaian reciter of the Qur’an and a Hafiz of the Quran.I have an informal Islamic education and I need a degree leading to master’s and doctorate but I am financially handicapped. I need a scholarship to study with your university.

Assalam Alykum. My Name is Ishaq from Nigeria.How much does it take a Nigerian who holds a Bachelor degree in Business Administration to study Islamic Studies at degree level considering the current economic downturn in my country? How long will it to study this course online yearly or semester wise.I need ur reply to help my decision .Thank u

Assalam o alikum
I need some information about to start aalim courses online
My educational background is
I’m Hafiz Quran and studied electrical engineering I want to do the aalim course online I read the requirements on this website to be eligible to do online course I need to be very good in Quran reading and Arabic knowledge as I am Hafiz Quran so that’s not a problem but I don’t have much Arabic knowledge so is the solution for that I need help in this regard I’m from Pakistan living in Australia
Plz help me to get into the course may Allah reward yous Allah

Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuhu, i will like to inform you that, iam interested in studying in your university ,i will like to study Shariah and Quraan.iam able to speak Arabic fusha as i studied in Jordan .i will highly appreciate it if you could offer me te opportunity .yours Jainab Ismail .South African residing in Britain

Assalamu ‘alaykum i want to be a part of the online study but i couldnt afford the tuition fee.. Im here living in Alkhobar KSA me and my husband teaching voluntary in Islamic Center here … Actually im Studying now in onr of the Madrasah of HIFDHUL-QUR’AN here ( Madrasatul-Dubaa ah bint Azzubayr.) Im only now in TALQEEN almost done inshaa Allah this coming of May.. I want to inhance more my knowledge in Da’wah, and in reading more profeciency the qur’an with enough knowledge of every word of arabic… i dont know if you will give a chance… May Allah have mercy Ameen

Asalaamu alaikum, I would like to register for arabic short course, however the MEDIU arabic short course registration page is not working properly. This has enough a problem for months now. I sent the University my information and they said they would expect me register. I am just concerned why they are not able to just fix the registration page. I am sure there are many other people trying to register.

Assalamualaikum …I am very much interested to join these courses but I can’t speak arabic…I want to learn arabic …is arabic compulsory for admission??

Aslaam o Aliakum, I am interested in Phd program of this University. Please guide me. Thanks.

Baaraka llahu fiikum,I am very but do not financial luxury to meet the tuition fee. Any help?

Please contact the university for financial assistance.

Regards, Aarij Anwer.

On Sun, Sep 24, 2017 at 10:02 PM, True and Good Words wrote:


They have an Arabic program, but yes Arabic is a pre-requisite.

Regards, Aarij Anwer.

On Tue, May 23, 2017 at 4:49 PM, True and Good Words wrote:


Assalaomo Alaikum wrakhmatullahi wabarakatuhu 🌹
Plz mention the list of all subjects of bechelor level programs

Assalamu alaikum warahamatullahi wabarakathuhu. My name is Aaliya Fathima. I am revert sister. I am interested to learn Islamic studies in madinah university online. How can I apply plz suggest me. Jazakallah khair

Assalamualikum rahmatullahi wabarkatuhu
I don’t know arabic..for the students who don’t know arabic as language is there any course related to quran and hadith in english..
Waiting for your reply..JazakAllahu khairan

Assalamoalaykom,mashaallah im so very happy after i read your programs,I really want to join to earn more knowledge in our relegion,alhmdulillah i knoe how to read the Qur-an and I know also arabic but not that fluent,,I hope you give me a chance to join..shukran

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته. أما بعد: حببت جامعتكم بما يتضمنها من البرنامج المدرسية و أنا كنت أريد أن أدرس .فيها إن قبلتموني إن شا ءالله. والله المستعان

Nice! thank you so much! Thank you for sharing. Your blog posts are more interesting and informative.
Islam trusts that God and his manifestations are totally unique substances. Allah isn’t his creation nor he is a piece of it. Islam trusts that his quintessence and his extraordinary learning are wherever on his creation. nuh keller

Asalamualykum verehmatullah…. i want to learn qiraat and fiqh.. what should I do for this

Asalamualykum verehmatullah.. i want to learn qiraat and fiqh what should i do for this …

This is my first time visit to your blog and I am very interested in the articles that you serve. Provide enough knowledge for me. Thank you for sharing useful and don’t forget, keep sharing useful info. More information about nuh keller

I am from pakistan. My name is shama ansari
. And i wana start online study in islamic university of madinah. How can i do this . Kindly guide me

What are the chances of students who wants to learn through online but are not good in arabic and quran ?

Salaam Alaykum,

Had a few questions which I hope you could answer, as I got a very confusing response from MEDIU.
1) For the Bachelor of Islamic Sciences (Hons) In Al-Hadith, part time, online course, how many hours is expected of the student to work per week? As I need to figure out If I can also balance my university degree with this.
2) How often are the live sessions, and If one is not able to attend them, are they recorded?

JazakAllahu Khayr for this wonderful and inspirational article! I hope that you could answer my questions inshAllah.


Wa’alaikum Salaam

1) It depends on the number of courses you take and how good your Arabic is. Generally, the rule of thumb is 2 hours of reading/studying per week per course. 2) The live sessions are 5 or 6 times per semester. You have to attend them otherwise they won’t let you write the exam. If you can’t, you have to email the professor with an excuse. They generally don’t post the recording of the live sessions but some profs do.

Hope this helps 🙂

Regards, Aarij Anwer.

On Sat, May 12, 2018 at 2:55 PM, True and Good Words wrote:


Asalam alaeykhum waramhatullah wabarakhatu, please I have interest in studying Islamic studies in this prestigious school and I just came back to Islam not quite long and I will be starting from the basis or beginning in which I have believed that with the help of Allah and the lecturer I will surely be great in learning this. from abolusodun moshood

Assalamualakum, is the online degree program available for girls also. As i live in the UK and I have two daughters, that I would like them to graduate in an Islamic degree.

Asalam alikum wa ramatulai my name is mohamed sallieu bah i am in sierra leone i am highly intrested in the course
my Allah bless us all

Yes, it’s for both girls and boys.

Regards, Aarij Anwer.

On Sun, Jul 1, 2018 at 6:09 PM True and Good Words wrote:


I am Bakht Biland a Pakistani teacher from united Arab emirates.I wanted to do masters in Islamic studies from Al Medina university as this university is accredited with ministry of education UAE.
Kindly guide me about this course the registration the fee structure etc.

What about those students who wants to study islam deeply but don’t have any knowledge of arabic as a language. We also wants to study there please give solution for my issue. Can’t we study in english ? Please give favourable answer and is it only for boys or girls too?

Assalamu alaikum brother Aarij,

I am currently studying in the university doing Bachelors in Hadeeth(Arabic) and have two more years left. Is there any way i could get in touch with over email. is my email.

Jazakallahu Khaira

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