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Huwa, Huma, Hum: The Arabic Pronouns


For those beginning to learn Arabic, here is an awesome drill that should be part of your daily Arabic study: the detached pronouns. There are 14 detached pronouns and its a great idea to have them memorize like the back of your hand.

In fact, here is the Arabic Pronoun Hand to help you memorize the pronouns like the back of your hand:


And here is a song to go along with it:

Yes, indeed. Sing this song a few times and the pronouns are stuck to your head 🙂 The song is composed and sung by our beloved teacher Asif Meherali of Check out the Arabic Language course (based on the world renowed Madinah Books of Dr. V Abdur Rahim) if you want to seriously learn Arabic. I think its the best way to learn Arabic (for a non-Arab).

UPDATE: Here’s a new and improved version of the pronoun hand:

By Aarij Anwer

Born in Karachi. Raised in the GTA. AlKauthar instructor. Qutoof CEO. Author. Bookings:

21 replies on “Huwa, Huma, Hum: The Arabic Pronouns”

Salam brother. You have listed the detached pronouns (damaa’ir munfasila), and so they should have detached pronoun meanings in English. As such, you should say ‘they’ not ‘them’ and ‘they two’ not ‘them two’ for all the mukhaatab pronouns.

When they are attached (muttasil), they will have the meanings you gave them.

Please do not take offence by this gentle reminder. Jazaak Allah khair.

Salam again. The same comment goes for ana, nahnu and hiya. ‘Me’ should be ‘I’, ‘us’ should be ‘we’ and ‘her’ should be ‘she’.

We say: “I am sick” not “Me is sick”, “She is my sister” not “Her is my sister”, etc.

Jazaak Allah khair.

Wa’alaikum as Salam

Jazak Allaho kharain and no offense taken. You are right. I don’t really have an easy way to correct the table, so I’m going to take it down for now 🙂

If you can make a table with the correct translations, please let me know.

Thanks for the song and the hand chart! I struggled all last semester with memorizing the pronouns, but I think this will help so much!

Is there a way to download the song as an mp3 so I can listen to it on my mp3 player throughout the day?

Question on pronouns

I have understood the 14 madi detached pronouns, huwa, huma, hum etc… and they are singular, dual and plural.

What I don’t understand is damir(singular) and damaair(plural). Are these different than the above forms.

Please explain as much as possible as I am a beginner.


i’m recently learning quranic arabic……… and deeply thankful to brother asif meherali……jazakallah……

K so I know the pronoun but I need to use it in sentences with inna so can youmake a tut for it plz 🙂

ASALAMUALAIKUM WAREHMATULAHI WABARAKATUHU I am learning now arabic language on you tube from brother asif’s lectures but I had few confusion on few points and unlucky I can’t ask any one because I am in cambodia so plz I need your help please paas me brother asif meheral’s contact no. Or his person email id so I can contact him JAZAKALLAHU KHAIRA

as salaamu ‘alaikum,

I wanted to suggest that for the 2nd hand, that the color coding be: blue for male, pink/red for female, and purple for dual/both.


On this section while learning “Arabic with Husna” with Nouman Ali Khan I cant rate it highly enough.
I will be posting some youtube vids soon on Arabic song for PAST TENSE, POSSESSIVES, PRESENT TENSE. Keep an eye out here iA

السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُ
بسم الله here is the playlist ready to listen to:

#1 Pronouns HUWA HUMA HUM – REMIXED [shorter and snappier]
#2 Past Tense Verbs
#3 Present Tense Verbs
#4 Possession / Attached Pronouns
If you don’t like my voice, then make your own and share it. It is a great way aid learning.
If you want it in mp3 format for your phone then I can suggest a free tool. The tool can download entire youtube playlists or videos and convert to MP3 with an easy few clicks. But be careful, it comes with spyware, so make sure you choose custom install and un-tick the the unwanted add-ons and click cancel for any extra unwanted programs.
​بارك الله فيكم.​

Assalamun alaikum waragmatulahi wabarakatu I wanted to know the word labeesu in Arabic which category does it fall in eg huwa huma hoem or aana pls explain as I’m a begginer in arabic studies

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