Islam – A Great Resource for Khateebs


For a first time khateeb or even a seasoned khateeb, the task of giving a khutbah is very daunting. This is especially true for the first time khateeb. I remember the first time I gave a khutbah, I wished that there was some one-stop resource that I can go to that will tell me all the things I need to prepare a proper, Islamically compliant khutbah. No such thing existed at that time, so I had to go to the local Imam and ask him.

Alhamdulillah, is one such resource for khateebs. There is a superb guide on how to make a khutbah. Once you have prepared the khutbah, that’s just the first step. How to deliver a good khutbah is discussed in the Khateeb‘s Guide. There are also some selected sample Khutbahs for people to benefit and learn from.

Lastly, the Khutbah Generator gives you a template to make khutbahs. You can enter the text for your first and last khutbah in the text boxes, and hit “Generate Khutbah”. It makes a PDF file of the khutbah that you can print. There are many cool features of the Khutbah Generator, check them out.

Wa lillahil hamdo kullu.

By Aarij Anwer

Born in Karachi. Raised in the GTA. AlKauthar instructor. Qutoof CEO. Author. Bookings:

2 replies on “ – A Great Resource for Khateebs”

As-salaamu ‘alaykum wa Rahmat Allah,

Is there a criteria we are to follow that designates who should be the khateeb? (like the criteria that designates who should lead prayer for example).

Jazaakum Allahu khayran

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