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Dua for Laylatul Qadr

Bismillah. Asked Siddiqah bint Al-Siddiq [RA], “what if I knew which night Laylatul Qadr was, then what should I say in it?”

He [SAWS] said, “Say:

[Reported by Tirmithi and Ibn Majah]

Transliteration (hover your mouse for translation)

Allahumma innaka ‘afuwwun
tuhibbul ‘afwa
fa’fu ‘annee

Some thoughts on this dua (based on the video above and more):

  • The dua is all about afwu. The three prominent words in the dua all share afwu as their common origin.
  • The word afwu عفو has two basic meanings: 1) to erase 2) to have leftovers, be prosperous.
  • Mapping it back to the dua:
    • Allah is the one who completely erases the sin – totally gone – despite having the power to punish.
    • Allah is the one who makes us prosper, gives us lots – mostly without us even asking for it.
    • He loves to erase our sins, loves to make us prosper.
    • fa’fu ‘annee: So erase my sins. Give me lots. Make me prosper.
  • This was given by the Prophet [SAWS] to the most beloved person to him: Aisha [RA]. So that makes the dua extra special.
  • Aisha [RA] didn’t ask the Prophet [SAWS] what I should do in Laylatul Qadr. She knew this is the night to make dua! So she asked for a dua, because that’s what she’ll be doing. An amazing insight into the mindset of the sahabah.

WAllahu alam.

Lastly, here’s a short article on some of my recommendations on what do during Laylatul Qadr.

[Updated 07/13/2015]

By Aarij Anwer

Born in Karachi. Raised in the GTA. AlKauthar instructor. Qutoof CEO. Author. Bookings:

24 replies on “Dua for Laylatul Qadr”

JazakAllah for this, may Allah SWT reward you and all your family and all the muslims with Jannat ul Firdaus-Ameen

assalamu-alaikum brother! jazak allah! thank uu sososososososooo much!! it was very helpful, and i really needed it

I just want to say that i dident know laylatul qadr dua, and this website help me very much, i think its a wonderfully great website. may allah bless you for this great work that you are doing,
educating people.

Allah Hafiz

Slm my brothers and sisters in islam
pls forgive me my ignorance of the arabic language
but if I wanted to add a name to this dua in arabic
at the end to read instead of “fa’fu ‘annee” = so forgive me I would like it to read “so forgive Haniem” can I just replace the “‘annee” with Haniem

Is there a website that shows you a step by step procedure of what duas to read during laylatul qadr and how many times we should read it?
Anything along those lines?

Subhan-Allah.. who so ever have posted it.. Jazak-Allah..
May Allah Forgive all our Sins… Pray for all Ummat Muslim

mashallah its a beautiful dua may ALLAH accept it ameen every body pray for our self but we should pray for all muslim ummah

Thank u so much. May Allah SWT grant u ever happiness in this world and Jannah here after. Ameen

Jazaakallah for this heart rendering reminders of this most auspicious night. GOOLAM HOOSAIN ABDURAHMAN KHANCHEY

thank you this really helped me with my duas to read on layutal qadr another thing to do on this holy night is Recite two Rakats Salat, in every Rakat recite Sura-al-Hamd, and Sura Ikhlaas seven times.(for seeking protection against sinning for the seven organs ) After finishing Salat recite 70 times:

i am 12

Asslaamuolikum wr wb,
JazakAllah Khayer Aarij bhai May Allah swt reward you ameen May Allah swt make your daughter a ticket to Jannah for you inshaAllah ameen.


Jajak allah khair.
Hello Author, I was searching in google. Fortunately fond your article. It makes me happy 🙂 Extremely! Amazing!! Informative article, well researched and clearly presented. Your hard work shown in your writing. Thank you for the hard work. Some points are not clear to me by the way I am really happy to read this kind able blog. Keep in favorite bookmark: Laylat Al Qadr

Thank you for your kind words, may Allah accept from us all.

Regards, Aarij Anwer.

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