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Friday Specials: May I Have Your Attention, Please!


Abu Ad-Dardaa said: “The Messenger of Allah [SAWS] was on the Minbar, addressing the people, and he [SAWS] recited a particular aayah. Ubay Ibn Ka’b was sitting next to me, so I asked him: “When was that aayah revealed?” He refused to speak to me, until the Messenger of Allah [SAWS] came down from the minbar, and then he said to me: “You have nothing from the Friday Prayer but your vain speech.”

When the Prophet [SAWS] had finished, I went to him and informed him of what has happened, and he [SAWS] said: “Ubay has spoken the truth, if you hear the Imaam speaking, be quiet until he is finished.”


Talking during the khutbah of Friday is something that can ruin our prayer. We shouldn’t even say or reply to the greetings of Salam during the khutbah. Moreover, we can’t even tell a person to keep quiet because the Prophet [SAWS] mentioned – as recorded in Sahih Muslim – that this constitutes laghw or idle/vain talk.

In fact, laghw can be anything that distracts you from the khutbah, like playing with the furball on the carpet, or playing with lint in your socks, etc. So, let’s try to cut out the laghw and pay full attention of the khateeb, in sha Allah. Friday prayer gets noticably better and more enjoyable.

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By Aarij Anwer

Born in Karachi. Raised in the GTA. AlKauthar instructor. Qutoof CEO. Author. Bookings:

3 replies on “Friday Specials: May I Have Your Attention, Please!”

Nice reminder.
I’d like to throw in my own reminder: A common misconception is that people refrain from speaking during the ‘english’ khutbahs at many mosques. When in reality that khutbah *might* not be the actual jumu’ah khutbah. It *could* actually be an extra khutbah that is followed by the adhaan then the actual jumu’ah khutbah in arabic.

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