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Friday Specials: Salawaat on the Prophet [SAWS]


The Prophet [SAWS] said: “Surely, among the best of your days is Friday; so increase in invoking Allah’s prayer upon me during it, for your invocations for Allah’s prayer upon me will be displayed to me.

So the companions [RA] asked: “O Messenger of Allah! How will our (invocation for Allah’s) Salaat (upon you) be displayed to you when you have disintegrated (i.e. your body turned to dust in the grave)?”

He replied, “Verily, Allaah azza wa jal has made forbidden for the earth (the consumption of) the bodies of the Prophets – may Allah’s prayer be upon them.”

[Sunan Abi Dawood]

Sending prayers on the Prophet [SAWS] – also known as Salawaat ala Rasool Allah or Durood shareef – is one of the greatest acts of worship. It’s a sign of emaan and an indicator of our love of the Prophet [SAWS]. Thus, It should be done regularly, and on Friday, it should be intensified.

What is Sending Prayers on the Prophet?

Allah’s prayer is a sending down of blessings.

Such as our statement “Allahumma Salli ‘ala Muhammad“. The literal translation is “O Allah ‘pray’ on Muhammad”, but the meaning is “O Allah, send your peace and blessings on Muhammad”.

[Shaikh Muhammad Al-Shareef]

Why Should I Send Prayers on the Prophet [SAWS]?

  • It’s a sign of emaan (faith)

Allah and His angels send blessings on the Prophet: O you who believe! Send your blessings on him, and salute him with all respect.


  • It’s an indicator of our love of the Prophet [SAWS]

None of you believes until I am more beloved to him than his father, his son, and all people.


  • It’s easy and worth a lot of good deeds

Whoever supplicates Allah to send salaat on me once, Allah will send salaat upon him ten times.


How to Send Prayers on the Prophet [SAWS]?

There are many ways to send prayers – i.e. durood shareef, etc. – on the Prophet [SAWS]. We can just say,  اللهم صل وسلم على ‏محمد meaning: “Oh Allah, send Your peace and blessings on the Prophet”. Below are two other forms, as gathered in Hisnul Muslim.

Form 1

Form 2

WAllahu alam.

P.S. A “Friday Special” on this blog is an amal (action/deed) that is highly recommended to be performed on Friday. Below is a very special Friday Special.

By Aarij Anwer

Born in Karachi. Raised in the GTA. AlKauthar instructor. Qutoof CEO. Author. Bookings:

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Excellent post, i just skimmed over it. masha’allah.
I really admire the ‘practical-ness’ of your blog. It really stands out.


All praise be Allah azza wajal who gave me taufeeq to come n spend some time at your blog…

I admire,appreciate you,your blog and your work fors it is true.

Truley just likea thirsty man needs water to quench his thirst,like wise he needs true words to quench his thirst of knowledge.


as-Salaamu alaykom

can you please provide the authentification of the Hadith about salawaat upon the Prophet on fridays?

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