Quran Tazkiyyah

Checking Out Girls…


“Say to the believing men that they should lower their gaze and guard their private parts; that will make for greater purity for them. Indeed Allah is totally acquainted with all the crafty ways that they construct to disobey Allah.”

[An-Noor 24:30]

Some notes:

  • Allah knows the appearance of Shaitaan, and I’m not promoting that Shaitaan is as depicted in the Christian art (red-skinned, two-horns, a tail, etc.). However, this is a common perception of the devil in the West, and thus to communicate the message effectively, I pray Allah [SWT] does not hold the representation of Shaitaan as done in the video as anything against those who produced & propagated it. After all, Allah [SWT] did send messengers from their own people, speaking their own languages.
  • Lowering the gaze is a great indicator of ikhlas (sincerity). No one (or hardly anyone) will notice that glance towards that gorgeous girl in class…except Allah [SWT]. If one can’t be obedient to Allah when no one is watching, then there is a problem with that person’s sincerity. I’ve personally felt like a hypocrite at times when I’m around friends and I lower my gaze, yet when I’m alone…I don’t do so. May Allah forgive me.
  • Lowering the gaze is also a great indicator of a person’s level of taqwa. How many brothers can walk around a university campus without checking out a girl here or there? Very, very few. And usually, their level of taqwa is very high. I’ve noticed myself that when my emaan is high (e.g. on a day that I’m fasting or on a day when I prayed Fajr in the masjid), lowering the gaze is easier. And when it is low, lowering my gaze is one of the toughest challenges.

Allahummastur ‘auratee, wa aamin rawaatee. Allahummagfirlee war hamnee. Ameen.

By Aarij Anwer

Born in Karachi. Raised in the GTA. AlKauthar instructor. Qutoof CEO. Author. Bookings:

5 replies on “Checking Out Girls…”

you make me think… it’s good… I hope every men is just like him … but as of now,,, i think it’s not just true.. there are couples that choose to live in first before marrige.. and they have trheir own reasons,, like they must know if their partner will sutisfy them in love making,,,. maybe this video will appreciate by whom have fear in God but how about those people whose colonized by the modernazation?

Safi – I didn’t upload this video. I found it on Youtube so I shared it.

Krecca – As Muslims, we do not engage in sexual relations outside of marriage. So, the only option a Muslim has is to lower his/her gaze.


Jazakallah for the post.

The problem of lowering gaze is not just with brothers, but also sisters. In my faculty and programme, there is a ratio of 1 boy to 11 girls. Thus, there is usually no need to lower the gaze as most of the people I see everyday are sisters.

However, things are different if I go to the student centre or any other part of the university where the ratio of boys and girls are 1:3, I encounter more boys that way. Things are also different if both brothers and sisters attend an islamic function together.

There are times when I can avert my eyes from looking to the right where the brothers are sitting, but there are times when I really couldn’t do it, especially if there are good looking brothers around.

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