What is Tajweed and Its Importance


This is an awesome lecture by br. Abu Hosna, may Allah protect him. In the lecture he covers:

  • The ranks of those who recite Qu’ran excessively
  • Motivation for learning Tajweed
  • What is Tajweed?
  • Why the need for Tajweed?
  • History of Tajweed?
  • Exaggeration in recitation: good and bad!


Personal experience/advice: if you are looking for improving your relationship with Allah [SWT], nothing comes close to learning tajweed and Qur’an from someone on a weekly or daily basis.

P.S. If someone is looking for some quick ajr, then can you please transcribe the lecture and post it in the comments? Jazak Allahu khairan.

3 thoughts on “What is Tajweed and Its Importance

  1. by tranlation of tajweed, the most importance things in the passage was so cracters by muslim ummah. i want the writer to keep it up because it can help the muslim errea

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