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Thank Allah Day and Night!

Subhan Allah, Allah [SWT] had to paralyze this brother (may Allah grant him AlFirdaous, ameen) before he could realize the true value of 1 sadjah, reading Quran and being compassionate towards parents.

Here’s a question: is it necessary for Allah [SWT] to paralyze us before we realize the true worth of the 3 afore-mentioned acts?

Why is it that people need intense pain – pain such as being paralyzed, or a heart-attack, or loss of a family member, or a painful divorce – to remind them of Allah [SWT]?

Why can’t we remember Allah [SWT] when we are not in pain? Is it necessary for Allah [SWT] to put us through intense pain just to make us act as good Muslims?

The answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT! It does not have to be this way that Allah has to give us heart attacks and heartaches to make us remember Him. All we need to do is to thank Allah [SWT] in the times when we are not in pain. Shukr – this is the key. If we are thankful to Allah [SWT], we won’t need intense pain to remind us of Allah.

So, we must thank Allah [SWT] day and night. This is the key to salvation.

Some ways to thank Allah:

  • establishing the salah
  • developing a deep relationship with the Quran
  • treating parents outstandingly

In conclusion, we must realize that if we are not thankful, Allah [SWT] will – without a shadow of a doubt – send intense pain our way in the hope that we return to Allah [SWT] and be thankful to Him [SWT].

Wa lillahil hamd.

By Aarij Anwer

Born in Karachi. Raised in the GTA. AlKauthar instructor. Qutoof CEO. Author. Bookings:

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