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Reasons to Be Patient

Bismillah. A beautiful excerpt from an article titled “Twenty Reasons for Observing Patience Over Wrongdoing” written by Shaikh al-Islam ibn Taymiyyah [RA] and translated by br. Abuz Zubair [H]. This article is a true gem, I’m taking my time in reading and digesting it. Please do so, as well.

From the Intro

The reader should, therefore, realise that these are the words of one who spent nearly his entire life suffering at the hands of his adversaries, and demonstrated to us how to practically forgive and forget, and to rise above the animal instinct of revenge and retribution.

From the Article

There are several things that help one to observe this type of patience:


One: One should realise that God is the creator of all of His servants’ actions, their movements, their stationary positions and their volition. Whatever God wills occurs, and whatever He wills not to happen does not occur. There is not an atom in the heavens above or the earth below that moves without His permission and His will. Men are merely tools, so turn instead to the One who unleashed them upon you. Do not look to their bad actions towards you, and in doing so, you will alleviate sadness and sorrow.

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